“Bamboo Deluxe” 2008.

The “Masonite Delight” – AKA #3, 2008

The “Masonite Delight” is the third guitar I’ve built.  It’s made with pine and masonite construction similar to the  old Silvertone “Amp-in Case” models.  The electronics are salvaged from an old Peavey T-15.  Some cool appointments are the Peavey Super Ferrite pickups, sawed-off “shotgun” tele bridge, the oven knob for a volume knob, tin  can pickguard and pickup rings, and of course – the #3 taken from an old hotel door.  This one was made to be played, so I made it look intentionally rough from the get-go.  Good for dirty blues, vintage garage rock with a kind of Black Keys tone.

Hubcap Guitar - 2013.  Rockin' and Recyclin'

Hubcap Guitar – 2013. Rockin’ and Recyclin’

I made the Hubcap Guitar for a recycling art exhibit at the Community Arts Center where I work.  It’s made from two old hubcaps, BBQ tongs, a shovel handle (that I personally broke doing yard work), a paint can lid, a ladies faux-snakeskin belt, recycled Epiphone humbucker, and recycled guitar tuners.  It’s a non-fretted slide-only instrument that I keep in a G-D-G tuning.  Inspired by the hobo/musician Seasick Steve.


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