Monochromatic Black Metal


I really enjoy this piece.  It’s all in black and silver monochrome with just a light touch of white on it.  I especially enjoy that nice patina of the brushed-on black over silver on the right hand side.  As much as I am tempted to manipulate and create my own patinas or painted surfaces, I leave that to the materials in the natural state I found them.  About the furthest I’ll go with painting on this series is artificially aging some of the screws and washers that I use to assemble them.


One thought on “Monochromatic Black Metal

  1. I’m usually partial to those of your pieces which include at least a sliver of my red roof, but I really like this monochromatic black/silver piece. It’s very dramatic, and I love the great contrast between the center panel which shines and the two black panels on the sides. It also reminds me that I’ve been wanting to make another black and white quilt – unfortunately, that’ll have to wait until I finish a few of the many other quilts I’ve already started, I don’t want to add another unfinished object to the pile!


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