Collage-A-Day 2015 on exhibit through April 2, 2016


Works from my Collage-A-Day 2015 Challenge (also on wordpress at will be on display at the Community Arts Center in Danville, KY (where I work as Program Director) until April 2nd, 2016.  I curated the exhibition JUXTAPOSE: Collage and Assemblage  which features over 15 artists, mostly from the Bluegrass Region of Kentucky.   You can see my 365 collages in the flesh as well as on a 55″ digital screen that shows the entire collection.

At the exhibit, you can not only see great collages, but make your own as well.  There is a collaborative collage wall, as well as a low-tech “light collage”experience in which visitors can juxtapose random images from three projectors that overlap into a new combined image.

While the exhibit is free to visit, the Arts Center suggests a $5 donation.

Other artists included in the show are: John Dixon, Nancy Martindale, Connie Estes Beale, Cynthia Carr, Kathleen O’Brien, Teri Dryden, Brad Devlin, Patrick Donley, Brandon Bass, Lisa Austin, Sandy Blanc, J2BAD, Meg Higgins, Robert Hugh Hunt, Wayne Thurman, and Virginia Birney.

Visit for more information.


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