EDIT:  I have decided to start this challenge as an entirely NEW blog.  I now realize how much a collage a day might gobble up my limited space on wordpress.  Follow me now on

I’m an artist.  I am driven to make things.  If I don’t make things, I get grumpy.  In 2015, I have decided that I will make a collage per day for the entire year.  Collage has always been lurking as the inspiration for my other work, so this may spin me off in unexpected directions.  I decided to start this journey on January 2nd, so I faced the dilemma of my first collage in the series being a “make up” collage, which fortunately, I have decided to allow.

The collages will be 4×6″ and may be vertical or horizontal.  If I miss a date, I am allowed to make a collage at a later date to fill its space.  While I am always tempted to go “mixed media” on my collages, I have decided that it would be best for this series if I find the images I need from external sources or use old works of art rather than drawing or painting directly on the surface of the collage.

I sincerely hope to finish this series, but as we all know, the possibility of wavering on a New Year’s resolution is ever present.  But on day five of the challenge, I find myself wanting to make more than one a day.  Wish me luck.

Here is the first collage in the series:


“Cerulean.” Brandon Long. 1/2/15. 4×6″


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